Looking for a Custom Assembled Tent Pole?

We take pride in providing custom made poles for every need. Most of our work is in Easton Aluminum and our Cross Woven Fiberglas. Using the highest quality materials we can find, our shop will build the pole just the way you order it.


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(Terms and conditions apply)

Custom Pole Commitment:

Every custom built Tent Poles is non-refundable. We always strive to make the best poles using the highest quality materials from manufacturers we trust. We stand by our craftsmanship and years of knowledge in providing you with outstanding service and poles to match the measurements you provide. If you find that the poles need an adjustment, we are happy to do this at a discount to our usual labor fees if addressed within 30-days of purchase.

There is no warranty – Though we stand by the quality of the products we use and the craftsmanship behind the poles assembly, they are still breakable. We find that more often than not tent poles break due to mishandling and abuse. We do not warranty against wear and tear sustained over extended use, acclimate weather or user error.

In the rare case one of our components fails immediately and/or due to a fabrication defect we do our best to make it right. In the instance that there is a flaw we will cover the cost of the repair. We will not cover costs for express services.

We are human. In case of an error in our assembly, billing, material selection or shipping we will cover the costs to fix our error

For the time being we are not allowing walk in traffic thank you for your understanding