TentPole Technologies


Frequently asked Questions:

1) Can tentpole technologies repair my broken/bent poles?

We can repair your fiberglass and smaller diameter aluminum poles (if 5/8 inch or less).

2) Can I buy a single section and repair a damaged pole myself?

Yes, we sell individual sections in fiberglass and aluminum, as well as top quality shockcord, to many a do-it-yourself-er. When weighing this option, please consider that many damaged poles have multiple weakened sections even when only one is broken. It’s often worth investing a few extra dollars to have us replace the entire pole. Our quality is superior to the fiberglass and aluminum that tent manufacturers use, plus we will save you the hassle of doing your own repairs.

3) Now that I have a quote for my pole replacement(s), how do I submit my order?

If you already have a quote and wish to securely submit your billing/shipping information please utilize: Custom TentPole Quote Our team will confirm your total and expected ship date prior to charging your credit card

4) What is the process for repairs?

Send in the poles that you need repaired with our printable Tent Pole Repair Form. We will call you with estimate and get your credit card at that time. (If only one section is damaged, the cost averages about $20.00 to repair plus shipping).

5) How quickly can I have the repairs done?

Repairs are normally done within five business days (during our busiest summer months these repairs might take two weeks).

6) What is your Refund and Return Policy?

All of our custom length poles are made-to-order. As such, we must insist these orders be non-refundable. In the event that you request the wrong poles for your tent we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs. Please remember that sometimes it is impossible to restock custom made poles, and therefore exchanges can only be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

7) How can I identify my tent’s model number?

Model numbers can be found on the inside of the tent by the door or on the tent bag.

8 ) Why are my pole replacements expensive?

Our tent pole replacements may seem expensive because of the expert labor we put into cutting pole sections to size, deburring and threading shock cord to your tent’s specific specifications. We use only the top quality materials.

9) Why not buy a cheaper repair kit from Coleman/Rei?

Repair kits can be frustrating if you do not have the correct tools to cut and deburr to length. Our customers consider the quality of our repairs and strength of our expertise a worthwhile investment.

10) Is it worth the cost to replace my poles?

We use the best quality fiberglass, aluminum, and shock cord available. If properly cared for, our poles will last the life of your tent. If you own a quality tent, then quality poles are well worth the investment.

11) Is it difficult to replace shock cord myself?

Shock cord is reasonably easy to replace yourself. Usually as straight forward as feeding the cord through one section at a time and tying off the ends.

12) What shipping options do you offer to Canada/outside USA?

We’ve found the most practical shipping options to Canada or other foreign countries are first class mail (3-4 weeks) priority mail (1-2 weeks) and express mail (3-5 days).

13) How can I tell what type of tips my tent poles have?

Grommet tips/Reduced tips: Your pole ends fit into grommets on your tent. Hollow ends: Your pole fits into the ring and pin on your tent. Rubber caps: Your pole ends fit into pockets on your tent.